How to make frames pt 3

If you open your "index.html" in a browser, you'll see a frameset! Well done. In this lesson we will examine using the TARGET attribute of the <A> tag to define in which page you want your links to open.

When you make a link, you are probably used to typing <A HREF="somepage.html">Link Text</A> to start with.
Here A is the tag to make a link, and HREF is the attribute that sets where your link goes to.
We will be using another attribute, called TARGET, to define where the page you are linking to opens. Here are the attribute values we will be using:

So for every link on your page, you need to use an appropriate value for TARGET to put it in the place that you want it.
That's everything for now. Do use the HTML tag help link in the menu (opens on a new page) to find new and fun things to do with tags.
Make art frames, dammit!