Welcome to the Village Web Club

The Village Web Club provided residents with a harmless and and enjoyable way to pass their holiday stay. It give them the opportunity communicate with fellow guests and learn some creative skills.

There will however be no tolerance for asking questions or exploring disturbing answers.

A tilde club is not a social network it is one tiny totally standard unix computer that people respectfully use together in their shared quest to build awesome web pages.

The first tilde club was ~tilde.club~

Joining the Club

Get an account on ds106.club from @jimgroom, probably tweeting him will get his attention.

Logging on

start up the terminal (if you have a mac or linux)

On windows you can use putty

type ssh yourusername@ds106.club

Enter your password when prompted, you will not see the password or even bullets

You will log onto the server and have a command prompt

Change You Password

First thing to do is to change the password that Jim sends you, you can do this by typing passwd and following the prompts. You type a return or enter to move along.

A second command ls list directory)

Type ls and hit return, you will see a list of files & folders, there should be a folder called public_html

cd change directory moves you around

type cd public_html and hit return, you will move into the public_html folder

users Anyone here

Type users and return to see who else is logged on. You should be able to chat to chat to them with write [username]

You can blast to all users using wall, but that is not too polite.

type man commandname to find out about a command.

Make a web page

nano is a text editor, it is very simple

type nano index.html (or another file name ending in .html) and hit return You will be in the nano text editor, editing a text file


<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
<title>Welcome to my Webpage</title>
<h1>Welcome to my Village home from home</h1>
<p>this is where I'll escape from the everyday worries of the Village</p>

Or paste that in. You can move about the editor with the arrows keys.

When you have finished type control-o to write out the file

Your file will be on the web, switch to your browser and open the page:

For example, my username is johnjohnston, if I make a file index.html the url will be:

if the file is called village.html the url will be:

Basic UNIX commands

If you want a hit counter: Free Counter

You van join the DS106 webring: Add Site to Ring - A Bravenet.com Site Ring

And I hope to have self knitted Prisoner106 webring up and running very soon.

Next you might want to add an image. Be seeing you