How to make frames

Does your website lack the old-fashioned frames magic?

Do you pine for the days of displaying three websites on one page?

Are webpages with side-menus kicking sand in your face?

Now the wait is over - you too could be the envy of tilde club with your own framely goodness. Let's HTML like it is 1997! It's the dkernohan frame-o-rama online learning object

Part one - the basic principles
A website with frames is actually (in this case) three web-pages in one browser window. Yes you, read that right.

All of this is tied together with an index.html, which uses the FRAMESET tag to define how it works.

So, to start with, you need to build the three pages identified above - you can copy mine (use "view source") to start with. It's useful to make them all different colours at least to start with.
Put them all into the same folder on your desktop, and then make a new html page called index.html. We'll use this to start making our frame-y goodness.

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